Signs of Rats in the Home - How to Tell if You Have Rats in Your House

There are two common reasons why Naples rats are invading your property; they are probably seeking protection or due to the accessibility of food in your area. Since they are nocturnal species, they will normally be active during nighttimes which make it difficult to notice them. Some experts believe that once you saw a rat, it might already be too late. This is why you need to be alert and look for the common signs of rat infestation.

Top Signs of Rat Infestation
As we mentioned above, it is difficult to find the rat at the scene of the crime. However, this does not necessarily mean that you don’t have the means to deal with them. By being aware of the common signs of infestation, you will be able to confirm the location of their den as well as the severity of your problem.

The poop of the rat is measured at around 12mm. The density is lesser on both ends and it is usually black. They can produce an average of 40-50 droppings every night. The droppings will be concentrated on a particular area. By gauging the size of the feces, you can figure out the possible size of the rat and the population of the rodents. The color of the droppings can also help you identify if you are dealing with an active infestation. Nonetheless, if you are checking the rat droppings, do not touch them physically. Wear a face mask so you will avoid inhaling the spores coming from the droppings.

Rub Marks
Rats are known for having poor eyesight. This is the reason why they are using only the common and established route. Whenever they travel the same path, they will leave greasy marks along the way. Most of these signs can be traced on the dusty and muddy surface of our home. The rub marks will look like a dark marks that are found on the surfaces due to the constant contact with oils found in the rat fur.

Rats can create a diverse type of noises. They may produce hissing, chattering and sometimes squeaking sound. The chattering noises will be heard when the Florida rats are grinding their teeth. Remember that the teeth of the rodents will continuously grow. In order to control their growth, they will have to gnaw on various materials regularly. The noises will also be more persistent during the night.

Rats will perfectly fit in the small hole. However, there are times that they will increase the size of the hole in order for the entry point to be more accessible. Observe the holes and look for teeth marks. The teeth marks can also help you determine if there is an active infestation. When the Naples rats are found in your garden, you will notice some complex tunnels in your yard. They can use this as their storage area, nesting ground, and shelter.

In case you suspect that there is a rat in your property, look for the usual sign of the rat infestation. They present health risk so you need to act immediately and control their population.

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