How to Get Rid of Vultures

There are various things that you need to know when you want to get rid of the Naples vultures. These creatures are protected under the federal laws. You will need to secure a permit if you want to drive them away even if you are using the most humane method. Scaring the birds will not be a solution to your woes; this can only aggravate your problem. In addition, vultures will only be an issue if they gather in a large group. It will be uncommon for this bird to accumulate in number more than 100.

Ways to Control the Vultures
There are two types of vultures that are dominant in the US; the turkey and the black Florida vultures. In some instances, these species will choose to act together. However, most of them will still prefer to hunt individually. In case you are experiencing a problem with the culture, removal should only be done by those who hold the necessary permits.

Should You Use Scare Tactics
With regards to driving the vultures away, we highly discourage you from using hazing tactics. You should never scare them especially if they are eating. Frightening them can only worsen your situation. This will cause them to regurgitate the food they ate. During this time, they will choose to stay longer in order to finish their food.

Getting Rid of Naples Vultures
You should try to limit their access to the place they love to roost. You may install some deterrent such as bird spikes. Be sure that the bird spikes that you are using are designed for large birds. The spikes will prevent them from perching on your roof. In case they love to roost on the nearby trees, you can cover the tree with net or trim its branches. Remove all the possible sources of food; be certain that they are far from the reach of this creature. For the livestock, you may want to move them in an enclosed space. Bodies of dead animals should immediately be cleared since they can attract these birds.

Some people experience a minimum amount of success by using pyrotechnics to scare them. However, there are places that do not allow the use of pyrotechnics. In addition, this may only work during the daytime. Once the vulture has been settled on their roosting grounds, it will be impossible to drive them away. Repeated attacks will also make the birds accustomed to the sound. Apart from that, it can also injure them that will result to legal problems.

There are local towns that are experiencing the infestation of the vulture in a large numbers. If you think that they can easily be killed or harassed, you need to think again. Aside from the fact that they are stubborn, they are protected by the law and you will need to acquire the necessary permits to deal with your problem. The best possible solution would be to seek the help of the professionals. They are equipped with the right equipments to help you drive them away.

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